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Why a NC Sub Museum?

The purpose of our NC Submarine Museum is to honor the men and women who served aboard the 3 US Navy nuclear-powered submarines named in honor of our state of North Carolina: USS Asheville SSN 758; USS Charlotte SSN 766; and the USS North Carolina SSN 777. 


The second goal of our NC Submarine Museum is to help students, teachers and other visitors understand the practical application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as these principles and tools help to explain how a nuclear-powered submarine operates quietly, safely and reliably in the the depths of all of the oceans covering our planet.


When most of us think of a submarine, we recall movies depicting tense moments in cramped, underwater spaces with periscopes scanning the surface of the ocean and torpedoes motoring to their targets. We don’t often consider how a modern, nuclear-powered submarine operates under water: how does a submarine know where it’s going without either windows or the capability to observe the sun or to see land?! How does the crew sleep, cook and shower? When the submarine stays under water for weeks and months at a time, how do sailors breathe underwater?


The NC Sub Museum will not be a retired, restored submarine resting along a pier in the water as there are already many such interesting museums. The NC Sub Museum will be situated in a pleasant and peaceful setting welcoming of visitor of all interests: maritime history, nautical science, social and business gatherings. 


Our confident belief is that there is nothing more technically advanced and innovative than a modern US Navy submarine. When you visit the NC Sub Museum, you’ll be encouraged to think of modern submarines as underwater spaceships in the universe of the ocean.


Board of Directors


Christopher R. Perrien, US Naval Academy 1974. Retired IBM Sales Executive. Director, USS North Carolina SSN 777 Club


Noah White, US Naval Academy 2004. Former USS Helena SSN-725 officer and Duke University NROTC instructor. Currently in engineering and operations at Duke Energy’s Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant. His talent for demystifying complex subjects aids our STEM Education and Workforce Development initiatives.


Whit McDowell, Wake Forest University BBA Finance1973; MBA The Wharton School 1978. US Navy, 1973 to 1983. Retired Bank of America Executive

Secretary, Non-Voting

James Easthom, Partner, Kennon-Craver PLLC. Duke University 1985. UVA Law School 1991


Captain Steve Gillespie, USN (RET); US Naval Academy 1987; President of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, Triangle Chapter; former Commanding Officer of the USS Rhode Island and Commander, Submarine Squadron Sixteen

Captain Andy Hertel USN, former Executive Officer of the USS North Carolina, former

Commanding Officer of the USS Texas, former Commanding Officer of the Piedmont NROTC Consortium (Duke University, University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University)

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